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FREE 2 month trial - sign up and use the animations for 2 months for free no contract, no obligation. If at any time during the 2 months you no longer want to use the animations, simply cancel your subscription and there will be absolutely no charge. 

Educate and inform your patients using 3D4Medical's over 190 narrated animations. Whether it is a routine filling or some major orthodontic work the 3D4Medical Dental Patient Education animations will help to clearly explain the procedures involved. 

The benefits of using animations to educate patients has been well documented. 3D4Medical now offer the most compelling patient education animation package at a most affordable price. 

Once signed in the animations "embed code" can be copied into your own website and 3D4Medical look after the rest. The animations are hosted by us and our server can determine which platform and browser your website is being viewed on and stream the compatible version of that animation.

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Why choose us?

Attract Customers

Use our animations strategically on your website to give your business that professional edge when attracting new customers.

Patient Education

Increase your Case Acceptance Rates by explaining procedures to patients via a detailed animation.


Send a summary of the consultation to your clients by email.


All of our animations are also contained in our Dental apps available for iPad and Mac. The apps also contain a 3D anatomical section that is available free with the Dental Patient Education Lite app.