Term of use

i. Subscriber must be registered with 3D4Medical.com.
ii.  Subscription will automatically renew unless 3D4medical is contacted prior to expiration of annual subscription.
iii.  Notice must be given thirty days before renewal date if licensee does not intend to renew subscription for animations.
iv.  Usage is limited to website usage and may not be used for any other purpose.
v.  Animations may not be used for PowerPoint or any other use.
vi.  Animations may not be used within any application.
vii.  Animations may not be included in any commercial product.
viii.  Subscriber agrees that 3D4Medical will safely store their credit card details and allows 3D4Medical to contact subscriber by email to update their credit card details if it expires prior to renewal of subscription.
ix.  Should subscriber choose not to renew the subscription when it expires subscriber agrees to immediately remove all animations from websites and immediately and permanently cease and desist usage of same.
x.  Subscriber agrees never to share or allow any other person to access their account for the purposes of accessing or downloading content.
xi.  Subscriber must make reasonable efforts to secure content so it is not copied, reverse engineered or otherwise compromised.
xii.  Subscriber agrees to maintain confidentiality of any information garnered from 3D4Medical.
xiii.  Credit to 3d4Medical.com will remain visible in all animations presented on the website.
xiv.  3D4Medical is the rightful owner of animations and all the intellectual property contained therein.
xv.  Subscriber may also include screenshots of animations on website.